VEKA, world leader in PVC profile manufacturing, is a company recognized in over 80 countries for its commitment to the environment and exceptional quality of PVC profile systems for doors, windows and blinds. Founded in 1969 by Heinrich Laumann in the city of Sendenhorst, Germany, VEKA joins tradition and modernity with research and development to create product lines that stand out for their contemporary design, efficiency and sustainability. This pioneer spirit conquered the market and launched deals that make VEKA the largest company of PVC profile extrusion used for doors and windows in the world today, present in over 80 countries, with 24 factories and 36 subsidiaries.
VEKA uses advanced technologies that increase acoustic and thermal protection of homes and buildings. Indoors, innovative design brings renewed feelings and offer greater safety, comfort and quality of life for families and businesses.

Latin America

VEKA was founded in Argentina in 1999. After 19 years servicing the South American market, there are currently over 50 trained and qualified manufacturers with VEKA quality standards to service the market in Argentina.
In Brazil, VEKA was founded in 2000. After 18 years of experience in the country, over 34 door and window frame manufacturers use the VEKA PVC profile, offering products that are specifically designed for the Brazilian market and the international catalog lines.
VEKA was founded in 2003 in Chile. Today, there are 60 frames manufacturers trained and qualified by VEKA quality standards to service the market in Chile.
VEKA arrived in Mexico this year, 2018, with a distribution center and specialized service for the local market.

Technology and Sustainability

Quality, precision, technology and respect for the environment are values which have permeated VEKA DNA since it was founded. Company managers have always invested in validating and strengthening these concepts. VEKA AG, in Sandenhost, was the first company in its branch to receive the ISSO 9001 certification in 1992. It has always adhered to rigid standards of quality in accordance with European norms, and with performance guidelines required by the countries where it operates.

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